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We at UrbanRent believe in the principle of frugality, not limited to less consumption but also efficient consumption. There are two main drivers for this principle: One is the effect it has on the environment and second is the abiliy it provides to the masses to living their dreams, pocket friendliness being a byproduct. Gandhi once said, “The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.”. While we do not believe that people always buy out of greed, we do believe that sometimes people have to buy out of force. They would rather ‘try’ out a product once before buying or even just use it for a couple of times and return it rather than ‘own’ it for eternity.

Our vision is to create a community that helps each other in living out their dreams without breaking their banks and reduce the burden on our environment. We hope to achieve this first and foremost, by creating a marketplace that acts as a trial shop for an individual looking to buy a product. These products will come from the community itself. By being able to open an online rental store we empower the users to own the experiences for both, creation and consumption.

We are currently operating in Bangalore and Pune are obsessed with delivering the best experience for the community.

For any feedback or comment please reach out to us at or call us at +91 961 975 4888.

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For the bibliophile in you, no matter how many books you own, it's never enough. Unfortunately, there's only so much money we all have. Connect with the community of like minded people and share your love of books. Rent a book today, and if you like it, you can always buy a new one to add to your collection.

Home Appliances

Are you in the city for a short period of time? Want to throw a party to office friends and don't have a fridge to stock chilled beer or cook a tasty dish? Don't have time to do dirty laundry? Sweat not. Go ahead and choose among a wide variety of home appliances and make your life more comfortable


Are you going on an adventure trip? Want to take some awesome pictures to share with your friends? Sometimes, a camera phone just doesn’t cut it. For times like those you need something better, something professional. Why not rent a DSLR of your choice? Or that tripod for your camera to take those perfect pictures.

Fitness Equipment

You probably don't have time to go to gym everyday. We get it. But that should not be an excuse for not being able to work out. Rent any of the fitness equipment and get started today! From the convenience of your home work out like a pro without having to spend a bomb on owning the costly equipment. Getting fit should not be pricey.


Have a wedding to go to or a birthday party to attend? Why buy expensive clothes that are not going to see the light of the day for more than a few times. Rent a three piece Suit, a Sherwani or a Chaniya Choli of your size to look smart and be smart!


New to the city? Are in a house with no furniture? Make your house a home by renting those basic necessities of life to have a comfortable living. Need a work desk or an office chair? How about a dining table? Why buy costly furniture and lock your money when you can rent!

Musical Instrument

Learning a musical instrument involves a lot of practicing. Doesn’t matter if your teacher is from youtube or actually exists in flesh and blood, you need to have the instrument of choice to practice with everyday. Want to try out your hands on a guitar? How about a set of Tabla? If you are testing the waters then you wouldn’t want to buy an instrument upfront. Rent it out and get a hands on trial. If you think it’s more permanent then you can always go ahead and invest in something permanent

Fashion Jewellery

Rent the dainty as well as statement fashion jewellery that will add some sparkle to your day

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